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Daily data, progress monitoring and collaboration...without the headaches

LiftEd simplifies and centralizes IEP, ABA, and Behavior data collection in classrooms.

Our evidence-based, cloud software is built for Special educators, BCBAs, therapists, and administrators to measurably improve teaching and learning for students with learning disabilities.

Dear Special Educators, You have a Problem

IEPs, ABA programs, Behavior Plans, progress assessments & reports, graphs, and parent communication scattered across paper, spreadsheets, and emails. Data & Documents are all over the place.

Poor Communication

When classroom educators, interventionists, and families aren't in sync about student's individual needs...progress suffers

40% of the day is wasted on paperwork & admin tasks

Cumbersome, inefficient tools to track and manage their caseload, data, staff and parent communication, et. al.

Anecdotal (Bad) Data = School District Lawsuits (Compliance Risk)

Not using evidence-based practices proven to improve outcomes for moderate to severe special needs, districts risk due process litigation

Too much paper, too many tools

Staff are using a variety of homegrown systems for data collection causing inconsistent practices across your school or district...paper, spreadsheets, google docs, apps for behavior tracking or iep goal progress monitoring...ahhh things are all over the place

Integrate IEPs from your existing system, automatically

LiftEd integrates data from leading IEP systems to serve as the foundation for your comprehensive student profiles bridging academic, behavior, and social-emotional goals across student's IEPs, BIPs, or ABA instructional programs.

Our on-boarding data teams manage student and staff rostering, classroom and caseload assignments, etc. so you don't have to. Just login on launch day, and see all of your critical staff and student data.

Schools can also bulk import IEP goals, ABA programs, or Behaviors, student and staff rosters using our csv templates.
*Learn more about our automated data transfer integration services that schools can request from their IEP system providers on implementation services page.

LiftEd is not just another IEP goal tracking app

We make evidence-based instruction and data collection practices accessible to educators regardless of role and tenure

IEP + Behavior + ABA, all in one

LiftEd eliminates the need for paper data collection, hand and spreadsheet graphs, as well as teachers needing to articulate daily data collection needs to aides. LiftEd manages student plans, instructional programs, graphs, and progress reporting all in one digital place.

Builds Educator Capacity

Empowers teachers and paras with skills and tools to implement ABA-based instruction & therapy learned through video models and PD coaching in-app. Teachers & BCBAs can access student progress insights online to make remote decisions for students district-wide. No more waiting for data sheets to be turned on or weekly data review meetings.

Accelerates learning & mastery

With real-time insight into students responses to instruction and intervention, teachers can make faster on-the-spot decisions to help students master learning objectives with the most appropriate level of support until independence.

Ensures Compliance, Provides Transparency

All data collection for IEP progress, ABA programs, or Behavior Intervention Plans happens in one place, simplifying progress transparency, compliance reporting, and program oversight for BCBAs and administrators school or district-wide.

Technology built upon evidence-based practices

LiftEd is built on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & Positive Behavior Intervention (PBIS).

Data security and privacy is our priority

LiftEd is FERPA compliant and our co-founding team belongs to the Educating All Learners Alliance for Accessibility.

See our sign student privacy signatory here

Our School & District Partners ❤️ LiftEd

5 / 5

LiftEd has changed the game in data collection software. From navigating the platform with ease to recording daily data to providing graphical displays, LiftEd is a must for the field of special education. As a BCBA and special education teacher, I commend LiftEd on their willingness to collaborate and effectively train staff to utilize their platform to enhance classroom and clinical practices, and to ultimately provide a trustworthy, safe space for confidential data collection.

Chary Matisk - BCBA, Parsippany-Troy Hills School District
(New Jersey)
5 / 5

"LiftEd has helped us out in these uncharted waters (pandemic school closures) with a way to document progress, efforts, and collaboration among our teachers and service providers support students who are blind with multiple other disabilities learning over Zoom. Not sure what other people were doing without it.”

Jared Kittelson - Executive Director, Foundation for Blind Children (Arizona)
5 / 5

We partnered with LiftEd to transition our ABA/Multiple Disability (MD) classrooms from paper to digital in 2016, starting with our preschool and elementary grade levels. We've since scaled LiftEd across preK through Grade 12, in 10 school buildings to support all of our ABA/MD classrooms over the past couple years.

LiftEd has been instrumental in helping our staff maximize the use of technology, streamlining data collection, saving hours weekly for teachers and paras, increasing parent communication, and overall helping our Special Educators stay efficient, organized, and equipped to make better teaching decision. With less time spent on data collection and analysis, more time can be spent on delivering direct instruction and increasing the number of learning opportunities our students receive. Going forward, we'll continue scaling LiftEd into other settings (inclusion, resource rooms, etc) to support academic and behavioral data!

Deborah Huffman - Supervisor of Special Services
Mount Olive School District (New Jersey)
5 / 5

For the past 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of contracting with LiftEd for use by my behaviorist staff team as they provide weekly services to multiple home cases for children with Autism. LiftEd has been instrumental in improving the coordination, data management processes across the team, and perhaps most importantly, increasing parent transparency!

As a therapy center providing direct service hours, less administrative work means more time that can be focused on instruction. With LiftEd, staff regained an hour each day for direct service, by not having to hand graph progress data and analyze learning trends – this was done automatically real time while data were collected in the app. Further, my behaviorist staff often had slight variation in how data were collected, when particular instructional prompts were provided, or decisions were made, based on individual styles. LiftEd became the centralized tool for the entire team to access the same skill acquisition and behavioral programs ensuring consistency and reliability in the way data were collected and analyzed. Finally, LiftEd introduced a level of transparency of the learner’s progress that most parents yearn for.

Dr. Anjalee Nirgudkar - Owner, Behavior Analysts of New Jersey

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LiftEd cost?

See our Pricing Page

Who counts as a user?

Any staff member with a LiftEd login include all classroom educators, specialists, related service provdiders, or school / district administrators. Administrators licenses are free ($0)

Is LiftEd available for a single teacher or service provider?

Not at this timPlease contact us at if you're interested in joining the waitlist.

Can we add more staff users or students during the school year?

Yes. We can pro-rate billing accordingly.

How long is the subscription?

Annual starting 12 months after contract start date, including usage during extended school year (for public schools/districts)

How does training work?

See Implementation Services section below.

Do we pay per student or per staff?

LiftEd's pricing is designed to be most cost effective for schools and districts of all sizes. Depending on the number of staff and students you have, it may be more cost effective to purchase a specific number of staff licenses or a number of student licenses (to use with an unlimited number of staff).

Is LiftEd only for Special Education?

Yes. LiftEd is purpose-built to serve students with learning disabilities covered under I.D.E.A. Students most frequently have IEPs or Behavior Intervention Plans.

How does training work & cost?

See Implementation services below

How long does it take to get started?

We can launch school and district contracts in as little as 2-3 weeks from date of purchase.

Does LiftEd integrate with IEP systems?

LiftEd can receive data transfers via SFTP from common IEP systems such as Frontline, EasyIEP, RealTime, IEPPro, and many others. *Schools and districts must request integrations from their IEP system providers and LiftEd's technical team can help.

What schools do you work with?

LiftEd serves private, public, charter, and alternative schools and districts in most US states and the EU. Each school or district gets to customize the program to meet their specific needs.

What about data privacy & security?

LiftEd offers comprehensive protections to ensure data is stored safely and used appropriately. Learn more on our Privacy Page

Does LiftEd align with any assessments or curricula?

LiftEd enables schools and districts to upload and customize their own curriculum. For school-based ABA, staff tag & align their ABA programs in LiftEd most often to VBMAPP, ABLLS, or AFFLs. Contact us at for specific curriculum alignment questions.

Can LiftEd be used to support the FBA/Behavior Consult and Referral process at my school district?

Which Special Education classifications does LiftEd support?

Any student with an IEP or Behavior Intervention Plan, between ages 3 - 22 (early intervention, preK - grade 12). LiftEd learners primarily have moderate to severe learning disabilities including but not limited to Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Emotional Disturbances, Behavior Disabilities or Issues, Developmental Delays, and other intensive academic, behavior, or social-emotional needs.

Does LiftEd align to C.C.S.S?

If student's IEP goals are aligned to specific curriculum state standards in the school / districts IEP system, Yes. LiftEd will include the state standard & description when importing the IEP goals or this may be manually added to a goal after import by staff usrs.

" New LiftEd App Puts Special Education data to Work...

Laura Lyons, lead behavior analyst at East Windsor Regional School District in New Jersey, says that by using LiftEd, her teachers can spend more time teaching while still individualizing instruction and collecting data to inform that instruction.

“LiftEd saves us time and provides us with beautiful graphical depictions of how our students are doing,” she says. “It helps us keep our teaching effective and is a wonderful tool to easily communicate individual progress with educators and families.”

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