SOFTWARE MADE FOR school teams

Confidently meet individual needs, easily track & use data to increase success for Special Populations.

LiftEd equips school teams with digital tools for: specialized instructional planning, rigorous academic and behavioral progress monitoring, intuitive data reports, and 2-way parent communication, all in one place.

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LiftEd has been instrumental...
in improving the coordination, data management processes across the team, and perhaps most importantly, increasing parent transparency
Jane Doe

Jared Kittleson - Executive Director
Foundation for Blind Children
Phoenix, Arizona

Designed for the interdisciplinary school team

Spend less time with spreadsheets, google docs, and paper to collect data...and more time making decisions with it.

Seamless Integration

LiftEd seamlessly integrates IEPs, IFSPs, or BIPs from IEP systems, and keeps them in sync year round.

Single Sign-On & Rostering available with Clever & Google.

Align Goals to Instruction

After plans integrated, easily align 3rd party assessments, curricula, or standards to goals. Ensure goals are rigorous and measurable by adding or editing existing short-term, incremental learning objectives.

NEW FOR 2020-2021

Link existing or Create new Remote / Distance Learning Plans (link from Google Drive or Dropbox)

Map & Manage Curriculum

Say goodbye to instructional curricula or programs on PDFs stuck in Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. Build or Import instructional activities and align to custom standards, curriculum/assessments.

NEW FOR 2020-2021

  • Common Core Standards
  • State Standards
  • Expanded Core Curriculum
  • New Jersey Autism Quality Indicators
  • Custom upon request

Continuously Monitor Progress

Powerful, yet intuitive tools for tracking quantitative or qualitative data on academic, behavior, and social-emotional goals for every role on student's instructional team, ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Team Collaboration, Real-time

Centralize all team communication in one place. Conversations normally trapped in e-mail threads, phone calls, hallway meetings, etc. are centralized in LiftEd. Teachers, aides, therapists, specialists, case managers, and others can communicate and share files real-time in team channels centered around each student.

2-way, Family Commmunication

Reach & Engage parents and caregivers, with 2-way Secure Messaging through SMS-text, e-mail, or web chat. Members of school IFSP / IEP teams can communicate, and share instructional support content (PDFs, PPTs, Pictures, Videos, Voice Recordings, etc.) with parents.

School & District-Wide Performance

See trends across classes and drill down to see which interventions or instructional methods are driving student outcomes. Administrators can make data-informed resource decisions, using on-demand data insights.

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Unifies the WHOLE school community

Designed for interdisciplinary school teams, to provide a single complete picture of each student. ONE, place to deeply understand each student's unique learning barriers, and how to address their needs to access the general curriculum.

Teachers & Aides
Case & Program Mgrs.
Therapists & Specialists
School & District Admins

Address the WHOLE student

Identify, monitor, and reduce negative classroom behaviors, affecting student's ability to learn. Implement tiered interventions (PBIS, RTI/MTSS) and increase positive, replacement behaviors.

ABA Behavior Intervention

How it Works

LiftEd Family Messages launched Aug. 1st

Reach & Support the parents of students receiving Special Education virtually, with 2-way secure messaging

No Apps, No Downloads

Parents receive & reply using secure SMS text messages - No wi-fi necessary!

Auto Language Translation

Parents receive & reply to messages in their native language and translations happen automatically

Simple & Secure Communication

FERPA & HIPAA-compliant hub for conversations & file sharing (instructional support materials, videos, PDFs, Printable Data Sheets)

Cross functional Collaboration

Anyone member of the school team can communicate 1-to-1 with student's parent.
Group chat coming soon...

Student Portfolios

Staff & Parents upload work samples, completed data sheets, etc.

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