High-Quality Special Education programs run on LiftEd, in schools and online

Continue Specialized Instruction, Behavioral Intervention, and data-driven supports to help students with Special Needs achieve success with LiftEd's modern, web software made just for school teams and parents


Efficient, Easy, and Evidence-based school software for modern Special Education Teams

Individual student, class, caseload, and school-wide data collection all-in-one place...
IEP, ABA/Autism, Behavior, E-Service, and Daily Engagement & Attendance, IEP team and parent communication, and everything else you need to to support unique learners with confidence.

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When COVID-19 closed schools, LiftEd helped us out in uncharted waters with a way to document progress & services, and collaboration among providers supporting our blind & visually impaired learners. Not sure what other schools were doing without it.“
Jane Doe

Jared Kittleson
Foundation for Blind Children
Phoenix, Arizona

Improve data-driven instruction and accelerate learning outcomes for students with significant needs

LiftEd best supports educational teams in school-based ABA (Autism, MD, ID, DD), Intensive Behavior or Social-Emotional Support Populations, and Community-Based Instruction / Transition models in public, alternative, and charter schools, for learners preK thru grade 12.

IEP Goal & Objective Automated Progress Tracking

Rigorous & Real-time

Seamless IEP & Remote Learning Plan Integration

Frontline, RealTime, SEIS, and other U.S. IEP systems

School-based ABA/Autism Data Collection

For classrooms, caseloads, or school-wide programs

Behavior Management (Tier II/III)

Individual, Class, or School-wide (Public & Alternative Schools)

E-learning & E-service Daily Data

Attendance, engagement, parent communication logs

School-wide Activity & Behavior Libraries

ABA Skill Acq. programs, Schoolwide PBIS, ABA, RTI/MTSS Behavior Management

Pull data from your favorite asssessment and e-learning platforms

ABLLS, VBMAPP, Seesaw, Boomcards, Google Classroom

Modern, school team collaboration and 2-way parent communication

How LiftEd Works

A cross-platform, cloud software solution for the entire school team to with best-in-class technology designed for reliable, real-time, and multi-staff-to-student concurrent data tracking

LiftEd for Families (BETA)

A modern, secure school-to-home communication hub made just for Special Education teams

No Apps, No Downloads

Parents receive & reply using secure SMS text messages - No wi-fi necessary!

Auto Language Translation

Parents receive & reply to messages in their native language and translations happen automatically

Simple & Secure Communication

FERPA & HIPAA-compliant hub for conversations & file sharing (instructional support materials, videos, PDFs, Printable Data Sheets)

Cross functional Collaboration

Anyone member of the school team can communicate 1-to-1 with student's parent.
Group chat coming soon...

Student Portfolios

Staff & Parents upload work samples, completed data sheets, etc.
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