A complete student data system for IEPs, ABA, and Behavior Intervention

Made for school Special Education teams and parents supporting students in ABA and Tiered Behavior Support / Intervention programs

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When COVID-19 closed schools, LiftEd helped us out in uncharted waters with a way to document progress & services, and collaboration among providers supporting our blind & visually impaired learners. Not sure what other schools were doing without it.“
Jane Doe

Jared Kittleson
Foundation for Blind Children
Phoenix, Arizona

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by Dr. Joanne Powell, BCBA-D & Co-founder

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Your Digital Data Companion web app

The whole special education community in one place, not all over the place


  • Standards-Aligned, IEP Planning
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting IEP, ABA, Behavior
  • IEP team collaboration
  • E-Service, E-Learning Tracking & Reporting
  • 2-way, Parent Messaging & File Sharing
Best-in-class technology made for Special Education Teachers, Specialized Support Staff, BCBAs, Behavior Specialists, Related Service Providers, and Administrators

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LiftEd for Families (In Beta)

A secure, 2-way communication hub made just for Special Education teams and Parents

No Apps, No Downloads

Parents receive & reply using secure SMS text messages - No wi-fi necessary!

Auto Language Translation

Parents receive & reply to messages in their native language and translations happen automatically

Simple & Secure Communication

FERPA & HIPAA-compliant hub for conversations & file sharing (instructional support materials, videos, PDFs, Printable Data Sheets)

Cross functional Collaboration

Anyone member of the school team can communicate 1-to-1 with student's parent.

Student Portfolios

Staff & Parents upload work samples, completed data sheets, etc.
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💚 💙 by School Educators, Providers, and Special Education Leaders

As With LiftEd, my teachers can spend more time teaching while still individualizing instruction and collecting data to inform that instruction.LiftEd saves us time and provides us with beautiful graphical depictions of how our students are doing. It helps us keep our teaching effective and is a wonderful tool to easily communicate individual progress with educators and families.
Dr. Laura Lyons - District BCBA-D, East Windsor Regional Schools (New Jersey)
LiftEd has transformed my classroom for the better! My paraprofessionals and I can take data on the fly without having to lug around hefty binders! The best part is: no more graphing! Just plug in the data for your students and LiftEd generates the graph on its own! The program is user-friendly and, best of all, the staff at LiftEd are quick to help out in any way necessary!
High School Teacher (Transitional Skills Program and Community-based Instruction)
LiftEd has been a great data collection tool for all of my academic subjects, Community Based Instruction, and behaviors. I am able to assess my students’ strengths and weaknesses, and progress accordingly. It is user-friendly and the staff support is amazing! I LOVE using this program!
Middle School Teacher (Multiple Disabilities Classroom)
As a therapy center providing direct service hours, less administrative work means more time that can be focused on instruction. With LiftEd, staff regained an hour each day for direct service, by not having to hand graph progress data and analyze learning trends – this was done automatically real time while data were collected in the app. Further, my behaviorist staff often had slight variation in how data were collected, when particular instructional prompts were provided, or decisions were made, based on individual styles. LiftEd became the centralized tool for the entire team to access the same skill acquisition and behavioral programs ensuring consistency and reliability in the way data were collected and analyzed. Finally, LiftEd introduced a level of transparency of the learner’s progress that most parents yearn for.
Dr. Anjalee Nirgudkar - Owner of Behavior Analysts of New Jersey