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Plans & Pricing

Priced affordably for schools & districts with 33% discount for mid-year implementations starting February 2022

Let's find a plan that's right for your center, school, or district

We currently do not provide access to LiftEd for single users.

SPED Support

Paraprofessional or Special Education aide license

$79per para or aide /year
or $10 billed month to month
  • ABA + IEP + Behavior (all data features)
  • Chat, Email, Online Help Desk Support
  • Unlimited # of students
  • Virtual or on-site training, and PD/Coaching options
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SPED Teacher

Special Education Teacher license

$399per teacher / year
or $40 billed month to month
  • ABA + IEP + Behavior (all data features)
  • Chat, Email, Online Help Desk Support
  • Unlimited # of students
  • Virtual or on-site training, and PD/Coaching options
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BCBA, Behavior Specialist, Case Manager license

$499per teacher / year
or $50 billed month to month
  • All LiftEd Features, plus
  • Custom Administrator reporting & data analytics dashboard
  • Access to multiple school sites, classrooms, and caseloads for program oversight
  • Virtual or on-site training, and PD/Coaching options
  • Chat, Email, Online Help Desk Support
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Discounts available for schools & districts

Volume discounts available over 100 students, over 500 students, and over 1000 students. If you're interested in purchasing LiftEd for an unlimited number of staff collaborators, and student based pricing, please e-mail us more information below.


Data Setup, Training and Implementation Services

To set your school or district community up for success on day one!

Data Setup

We provide comprehensive data setup services charge per school / site. LiftEd can support SFTP data transfer from your school/district's IEP system provider, but the customer must reach out to IEP provider for setup (we can help!).

Our data services include staff and student rostering, class/caseload setup, IEP or BIP goal setup for all students, ABA program/curriculum upload, and behavior library upload.

Your LiftEd Success Manager supports on-going updates to data during the school year.

LiftEd also provides an Administrator Management hub for school and district customers to manage all details of their data using simple csv upload templates or in-app functionality to create new staff, students, classrooms, caseloads, etc.


We ensure your learning community is set up for success regardless of where you are in your mission to support students academically, socially, behaviorally, with life, executive functioning, or communication skills and much more.

Every school and district gets a dedicated Success manager to who offers implementation and ongoing support throughout every phase of your LiftEd annual success plan. We help program, school, and district Special Education leaders establish goals for their LiftEd implementation, measure, and report outcomes with them monthly, quarterly, or every 6-months based on your needs.

Training & Support

Every customer receives at least 2 hours of virtual training for all LiftEd staff. Training packages are customizable depending on your needs and number of staff.

Our supports are multi-channel: from check-ins with your dedicated LiftEd Success Manager, to our online Help Desk and live-in app Help Chat. We’re obsessed with overdelivering and delighting our community


  • LiftEd Essentials Virtual Training:
    2-hr webinar per site / school for up to 25 staff attendees
  • Train-the-Trainer Training:
    4-hour training for up to 25 attendees (contact us for pricing)
  • On-site Training:
    Half day (4hr) or Full day (8hr) / school
  • Custom Training Packages available: please contact us at


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Common Questions

Who counts as a user?

Any staff member with a LiftEd login include all classroom educators, specialists, related service provdiders, or school / district administrators. Administrators licenses are free ($0)

Is LiftEd available for a single teacher or service provider?

No, LiftEd requires a minimum of 5 staff licenses for implementation including at least 1 teacher or 1 specialist license.

Can we add more staff users or students during the school year?

Yes. We can pro-rate billing accordingly.

How long is the subscription?

All LiftEd contracts are default for July 1 - June 30 of the current school term. For contracts starting between November - March, a 33% discount is applied (pro-rate).

How does training work?

See Implementation Services section above

Do we pay per student or per staff?

LiftEd's pricing is designed to be most cost effective for schools and districts of all sizes. You pay per staff license to use with an unlimited # of students across classrooms, school buildings/sites.

Is LiftEd only for Special Education?

Yes. LiftEd is purpose-built to serve students with learning disabilities covered under I.D.E.A. Students most frequently have IEPs or Behavior Intervention Plans.

How does training work & cost?

See Implementation services below

How long does it take to get started?

We can launch school and district contracts in as little as 1-3 weeks from date of purchase.

Is there a free trial?

Contact us for a sandbox environment trial account

Do you offer school / district pilots?

No, schools or district teams can implement LiftEd on a small scale (5-10 staff licenses) on a 90-day, semi annual, or annual contract term.

Does LiftEd integrate with IEP systems?

LiftEd can receive data transfers via SFTP from common IEP systems such as Frontline, EasyIEP, RealTime, IEPPro, and many others. *Schools and districts must request integrations from their IEP system providers and LiftEd's technical team can help.

What schools do you work with?

LiftEd serves private, public, charter, and alternative schools and districts in most US states and the EU. Each school or district gets to customize the program to meet their specific needs.

What about data privacy & security?

LiftEd offers comprehensive protections to ensure data is stored safely and used appropriately. Learn more on our Privacy Page

Does LiftEd align with any assessments or curricula?

LiftEd enables schools and districts to upload and customize their own curriculum. For school-based ABA, staff tag & align their ABA programs in LiftEd most often to VBMAPP, ABLLS, or AFFLs. Contact us at for specific curriculum alignment questions.

Can LiftEd be used to support the FBA/Behavior Consult and Referral process at my school district?

Yes! Ask us how at

Which Special Education classifications does LiftEd support?

Any student with an IEP or Behavior Intervention Plan, between ages 3 - 22 (early intervention, preK - grade 12). LiftEd learners primarily have moderate to severe learning disabilities including but not limited to Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Emotional Disturbances, Behavior Disabilities or Issues, Developmental Delays, and other intensive academic, behavior, or social-emotional needs.

Does LiftEd align to C.C.S.S?

If student's IEP goals are aligned to specific curriculum state standards in the school / districts IEP system, Yes. LiftEd will include the state standard & description when importing the IEP goals or this may be manually added to a goal after import by staff usrs.