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Exceptional Software built for Exceptional Students & Educators

LiftEd's core technology is built on evidence-based principles proven to improve academic & behavioral outcomes for students with moderate to severe learning disabilities.

We built our software for modern school teams, making it easy enough to use for less tech savvy educators but powerful enough for the most advanced teaching and intervention specialists.

LiftEd ™ Core Features

Smart Data Collection

Collect data in app directly from within scheduled session or ad-hoc track progress on goals or behaviors any-time without scheduled session. Collect data simultaneously on multiple objectives/targets. Targets auto-complete based on mastery criteria. Indicators encourage Behavior Technician to meet minimum trials. Easy features include accessible target instructions, undo, and problem behavior recording.

Multi User Access w/ Visibility Permissions and Restrictions

Built-in user roles and permissions to support teacher, aide/para support staff, BCBA, and related provider staff across student teams. Your account is organized by school, class/case, and student assignments to ensure the right educators only see relevant students and data. Role-based privileges ensure data integrity and keep a log of whose doing what.

Flexible Scheduling

Teachers, BCBAs, and Service Providers can manage their scheduling with students for goal or aba data collection sessions today or in future. They may also manage schedules for para & aide staff. Features include: recurring sessions, day/week/month view options with filtering capabilities, and more. BCBAs / Teachers can review session data real-time or retroactively to make timely decisions.

Related Service Tracking

Therapists (Speech, Occupational, et al) can track service time provided to students in-person or online, as well as progress against related services goals on IEP.

Curriculum Quick Create

Create or upload aba programs from other software, google or word documents into educator, school, and district-wide libraries. Individualize program targets and assign to students with ease.

Integrated IEPs

Ability to integrate data from existing technology platforms like IEP systems (Frontline, EasyIEP, Realtime, SEIS, and many others)

Centralized Record Keeping

All critical student data (iep goals, aba programs, behavior plans, progress notes & raw data, graphs, reports, etc) are securely stored all in LiftEd for the entire student team to see across Special & General ed staff.

Data Dashboard & Analytics

Make your data useful with graphs, history, raw data, and editing capabilities. All session data is conveniently displayed below graphs for easy deep-dive. View graphs of goal progress, behavior, or aba programs (cumulative or target level) with views for insightful and actionable analysis to easily tweak interventions based on findings.

Student Team Collaboration

Launching in 2022 (real-time chat & discussion between student team and parents)

2-way Parent Communication

Share progress with parents using 2-way text messaging that supports automatic language translation (100+ languages). School team members communicate within LiftEd and parents receive messages via text, mobile web-app, or e-mail.

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- Dr. Joanne Powell (BCBA-D & LiftEd Co-founder)

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Superior capabilities & user experience

Continuous data sync

LiftEd utilizes Google's real-time firebase technology, which automatically syncs data collected for a student by 1 or more staff simultaneously. Never worry about data loss or inaccuracy again.

Intuitive, delightful user

Our design and past educator team deeply understands the needs of school professionals. We prioritize you getting a job done, as quickly and easily as possible. Less time on tech = more time on teaching.

Modern, responsive web-based software

Our cloud software is built to work on any device with wi-fi. No app downloads required. Offline support also built-in.

Flexibile for users of all levels

Whether your staff are veteran educators, or newly minted paraprofessionals, LiftEd provides the flexibility to gradually build capacity with powerful features over time.

Best in class tech infrastucture

LiftEd utilizes Google's real-time firebase technology, which is built for ultimate flexibility in data collection and storage by up to 1 million concurrent users. Never worry about data getting lost or being inaccurate again.

Quick Demo Video Snippets

See below for 3-5 minute videos of your favorite LiftEd features

IEP Goal Progress Monitoring

School-based ABA Data Collection

LiftEd's comprehensive ABA module is purpose-built for school-based ABA programs (public schools & districts) and non-public schools. The fully-featured suite includes robust program design, data collection, graphing and analysis functionality made intuitive and powerful for teachers, paraprofessionals, RBTs, BCBAs, and administrators.

LiftEd can import IEP goals from a variety of IEP systems or goals can be created in bulk in app. Custom ABA programs can be imported into a district-wide library and shared with teachers to individualize for their student's. All ABA programs are directly aligned to student's IEP goals making it easy to understand student's progress

Behavior Tracking

Run your entire Behavior Disability (BD), Emotional Disturbance (ED), or Tiered Behavior Support school or district-wide programs with LiftEd. ABA-Based behavior tracking realtime or retroactively using: frequency counters, f-rate, duration, locations, prompts, phase changes, supports provided, or anecdotal notes. Interval & ABC behavior tracking launching Summer 2021.

LiftEd for Families BETA

A secure, 2-way communication hub made just for Special Education teams and Parents or Caregivers. Parents/Caregivers receive & reply using secure SMS/MMS text messages, in our mobile web app, or via e-mail. No app downloads required & works on any phone (with or without wi-fi)!

LiftEd supports automatic language translation in over 100 languages. Parents receive & reply to messages in their native language and translations for school staff automatically back into their preferred language!

Administrator Portal

BCBAs, Behavior Specialists, Program Supervisors, School and District Administrators can manage it all (rosters, classes, caseloads, students, staffs, IEPs, and reports)

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