LiftEd Product Overview

The Whole Student, The Whole Team

LiftEd automatically generates comprehensive learner profiles for each student, by connecting their IEPs, ABA programs, Behaviors, Progress, Parent communication, and all the critical information necessary to deeply understand each students strengths and unique learning challenges.

Student's profiles serve as the foundation for their IEP team, whether you're the teacher, paraprofessional, RBT, BCBA, Behavior Specialist, or Related Service/Care Provider. Everyone on the student's care team gains 360 degree visibility and accountability.

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IEP Goal Progress Monitoring

Comprehensive school-based ABA Data Collection

LiftEd's comprehensive ABA module is purpose-built for school-based ABA programs (public schools & districts) and non-public schools. The fully-featured suite includes robust program design, data collection, graphing and analysis functionality made intuitive and powerful for teachers, paraprofessionals, RBTs, BCBAs, and administrators.

LiftEd can import IEP goals from a variety of IEP systems or goals can be created in bulk in app. Custom ABA programs can be imported into a district-wide library and shared with teachers to individualize for their student's. All ABA programs are directly aligned to student's IEP goals making it easy to understand student's progress

School-wide Behavior Data Tracking

Run your entire Behavior Disability (BD), Emotional Disturbance (ED), or Tiered Behavior Support school or district-wide programs with LiftEd. ABA-Based behavior tracking realtime or retroactively using: frequency counters, f-rate, duration, locations, prompts, phase changes, supports provided, or anecdotal notes. Interval & ABC behavior tracking launching Summer 2021.

2-Way Family Messages BETA

A secure, 2-way communication hub made just for Special Education teams and Parents or Caregivers. Parents/Caregivers receive & reply using secure SMS/MMS text messages, in our mobile web app, or via e-mail. No app downloads required & works on any phone (with or without wi-fi)!

LiftEd supports automatic language translation in over 100 languages. Parents receive & reply to messages in their native language and translations for school staff automatically back into their preferred language!

Supervisor and Administrator Management Hub

BCBAs, Behavior Specialists, Program Supervisors, School and District Administrators can manage it all (rosters, classes, caseloads, students, staffs, IEPs, and reports)