Regain an hour or more, daily in your Special Education classroom

Spend less time tracking data, and more time taking action with it to accelerate learning outcomes in your ABA or Behavior/Emotional Support Special Education classrooms.

Comprehensive student data collection, instructional planning, and family communication web-based software, purpose-built for school-based Special Education teachers, BCBAs, paraprofessionals, administrators, and parents.

" New LiftEd App Puts Special Education data to Work...

Laura Lyons, lead behavior analyst at East Windsor Regional School District in New Jersey, says that by using LiftEd, her teachers can spend more time teaching while still individualizing instruction and collecting data to inform that instruction.

“LiftEd saves us time and provides us with beautiful graphical depictions of how our students are doing,” she says. “It helps us keep our teaching effective and is a wonderful tool to easily communicate individual progress with educators and families.”

Our easy-to-use, yet powerful features empower

Regardless of their role, tech savy, or prior experience

Complete Learner Profiles

ONE unified view of every student to serve as the foundation for their school team

Integrated IEPs

LiftEd seamlessly integrates IEPs from any IEP system* and keeps goals/objectives in sync year round

Fully-Featured ABA Data

A complete ABA module that includes robust program design, data collection, graphing and analysis features

Behavior Incidents & Intervention Tracking

ABA-Based behavior tracking and reporting for individual, group, class, or schoolwide use

Easy to consume data & graphs

Graphs are automatically generated showcasing student's real-time progress, intervention decisions, and mastery levels

Special Ed. Compliance

BCBAs, Case Managers, and Administrators gain real-time transparency into the implementation of students IEPs program-wide

Family Messaging

Secure 2-way messaging (SMS text-based) so school teams can easily communicate with parents in one place

Team Chat (coming soon)

Modern group chat to unify interdisciplinary IEP teams around each student with real-time communication (Launching Summer 2021!)

School-wide Libraries

Ensure consistency and high fidelity of instruction & behavior intervention with customizable ABA program and Behavior libraries scalable districtwide

The whole team in one place, not all over the place

LiftEd is the single system to manage it all -- track, analyze, and make decisions with student data quickly, confidently, and consistently

If you're concerned about compliance or risk of litigation, we understand. The data you collect for students receiving IEP-aligned, ABA instruction or BIP-aligned, Behavior Intervention is so important. Proactively sharing and acting on it is crucial, too.

With LiftEd, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

We help everyone -- teachers, paraprofessionals, bcbas, specialists, therapists, et. al. on student's Special Education teams collect data for students the same way. Progress reporting is automated and easy to share with parents or colleagues. You’ll never use paper, binders, spreadsheets, or google forms again.

"From Pad to iPad: The Evolution of our ABA program districtwide"

We partnered with LiftEd to transition our ABA/Multiple Disability (MD) classrooms from paper to digital in 2016, starting with our preschool and elementary grade levels. We've since scaled LiftEd across preK through Grade 12, in 10 school buildings to support all of our ABA/MD classrooms over the past couple years. LiftEd has been instrumental in helping our staff maximize the use of technology, streamlining data collection, saving hours weekly for teachers and paras, increasing parent communication, and overall helping our Special Educators stay efficient, organized, and equipped to make better teaching decision. With less time spent on data collection and analysis, more time can be spent on delivering direct instruction and increasing the number of learning opportunities our students receive. Going forward, we'll continue scaling LiftEd into other settings (inclusion, resource rooms, etc) to support academic and behavioral data!

Deborah Huffman
Former Supervisor of Pupil Services, Parsippany Troy-Hills School District

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Our hands-on school onboarding and support will make it smooth for your team. From training to school / districtwide launch in 1-3 weeks.

Live in-app chat

Our team is available throughout the school day to answer your questions right away.

Professional Development

We’ll teach your team how to use LiftEd, or do a “train the trainer” model you can turnkey for staff.

Helpful Online Resources

Our detailed help library has the resources you need to get started using LIftEd in your classroom.

Data Setup & Integration

We do the heavy lifting for you by managing your initial data setup and integrating critical data from IEP systems seamlessly and continuously during school year

School & District Teams ❤️ LiftEd

LiftEd is trusted and loved by Special Educators and Administrators in schools and districts across the U.S.

Past SPED Teacher & Active BCBA

Emily Alston

The use of the LiftEd app has been such a helpful addition to our ABA classrooms. It has allowed us (me, my paraprofessional staff, and bcbas) to collect data more efficiently, implement more necessary teaching procedures based on analysis of our graphs, make on-the-spot decisions, and allow more time for professional development and training of our paraprofessional staff. I save countless hours every week using LiftEd

District Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Melissa Andreacio

LiftEd has been a game changer in how I collect data! I have been working with LiftEd since it’s beta testing stage, and it’s been amazing to watch how the LiftEd team has grown the program into what it is today. They are a very supportive team and are always there to answer any questions that I have. They also seek out feedback from their users and will use that information when making updates.

Middle School Teacher

Lore Lorenzo

"LiftEd has been a great data collection tool for all of my academic subjects, Community Based Instruction, and behaviors. I am able to assess my students’ strengths and weaknesses, and progress accordingly. It is user-friendly and the staff support is amazing! I LOVE using this program!"

Executive Director, Foundation for Blind Children (Arizona)

Jared Kittleson

"LiftEd has helped us out in these uncharted waters (pandemic school closures) with a way to document progress, efforts, and collaboration among our teachers and service providers support students who are blind with multiple other disabilities learning over Zoom. Not sure what other people were doing without it.”

Program Director,

Lenice Williams

"We selected LiftEd for our Summer program spanning 120+ homeless students because of its ease of data input and analysis, coupled with providing real-time access to other individuals involved in the students' education, which will save our team a lot of time and frustration. The LiftEd On-boarding team was very hands-on in the onboarding process and provided their entire team, which expanded from 3 to 20 individuals in the summer, with the training they needed to utilize the platform all virtually."

High School Teacher (Transitional Skills)

Jennifer Hakim

"LiftEd has transformed my classroom for the better! My paraprofessionals and I can take data on the fly without having to lug around hefty binders! The best part is: no more graphing! Just plug in the data for your students and LiftEd generates the graph on its own! The program is user-friendly and, best of all, the staff at LiftEd are quick to help out in any way necessary! "

Owner of Behavior Analyst of New Jersey

Dr. Anjalee Nirgudkar

For the past 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of contracting with LiftEd for use by my behaviorist staff team as they provide weekly services to multiple home cases for children with Autism. LiftEd has been instrumental in improving the coordination, data management processes across the team, and perhaps most importantly, increasing parent transparency!

As a therapy center providing direct service hours, less administrative work means more time that can be focused on instruction. With LiftEd, staff regained an hour each day for direct service, by not having to hand graph progress data and analyze learning trends – this was done automatically real time while data were collected in the app. Further, my behaviorist staff often had slight variation in how data were collected, when particular instructional prompts were provided, or decisions were made, based on individual styles. LiftEd became the centralized tool for the entire team to access the same skill acquisition and behavioral programs ensuring consistency and reliability in the way data were collected and analyzed. Finally, LiftEd introduced a level of transparency of the learner’s progress that most parents yearn for.

District Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Chary Matisak

LiftEd has changed the game in data collection software. From navigating the platform with ease to recording daily data to providing graphical displays, LiftEd is a must for the field of special education. As a BCBA and special education teacher, I commend LiftEd on their willingness to collaborate and effectively train staff to utilize their platform to enhance classroom and clinical practices, and to ultimately provide a trustworthy, safe space for confidential data collection.

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