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Start the school year stronger, with LiftEd

Save on a LiftEd implementation beginning in April 2021 and maintain use through your ESY program. Consider this option for a strategic implementation before the start of the 22-23 school year.


Agree to LiftEd for the 22-23 school year by April 15, to receive early access and discounted staff training fees. Launch LiftEd during your ESY program, so your team is fully ready for the new year.

You're in great company

Educators and Special Education Leaders love LiftEd

5 / 5

The use of the LiftEd app has been such a helpful addition to our ABA classrooms. It has allowed us (me, my paraprofessional staff, and bcbas) to collect data more efficiently, implement more necessary teaching procedures based on analysis of our graphs, make on-the-spot decisions, and allow more time for professional development and training of our paraprofessional staff. I save countless hours every week using LiftEd

Emily Alston - District BCBA
5 / 5

We partnered with LiftEd to implement their ABA & IEP data collection tools across all our districts ABA/MD classrooms (preK-grade 12), supporting over 300 students and 200 staff (Teachers, BCBAs, and Paraprofessionals).

LiftEd has been instrumental in helping our staff maximize the use of technology, streamlining data collection, saving hours weekly for teachers and paras, increasing parent communication, and overall helping our Special Educators stay efficient, organized, and equipped to make better teaching decisions.

With less time spent on data collection and analysis, more time can be spent on delivering direct instruction and increasing the number of learning opportunities our students receive. Going forward, we'll continue scaling LiftEd into other settings (inclusion, resource rooms, etc) to support academic and behavioral data!

Deborah Huffman - Special Education Director
5 / 5

LiftEd has been a game changer in how I collect data! I have been working with LiftEd since it’s beta testing stage, and it’s been amazing to watch how the LiftEd team has grown the program into what it is today. They are a very supportive team and are always there to answer any questions that I have. They also seek out feedback from their users and will use that information when making updates.

Melissa Andreacio - District BCBA
5 / 5

LiftEd has been a great data collection tool for all of my academic subjects, Community Based Instruction, and behaviors. I am able to assess my students’ strengths and weaknesses, and progress accordingly. It is user-friendly and the staff support is amazing! I LOVE using this program!

Lore Lorenzo - Middle School Special Education Teacher

Pricing Guide

Save 50% off all license prices for Spring 2022 implementations!

Support Staff

Paraprofessional, Aide, or RBT License

$79/per staff / year
  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support
  • Access for up to 20 students
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Special Education Teacher or Related Service Provider license

$399/per teacher / year
  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support
  • Access for up to 20 students
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BCBA, Interventionist, Coordinator or Case Manager License

$499/per specialist / year
  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support
  • Access for up to 100 students & 1 or more sites/schools
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For district-wide plans with many staff users

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LiftEd is Easy to Roll Out

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Schedule a 30-min demo with our School Success team to hear how LiftEd can work for you!

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Configure LiftEd

Our School Success team will work with you to set-up and customize LiftEd for your school or district. LiftEd integrates easily with most IEP systems, and we keep IEPs in sync for your students year round.


Success is a team effort. We help every member of the team—teachers, aides, specialists, therapists, parents, administrators —visualize and understand their role in your success. Our dedicated team will ensure teachers and facilitators are comfortable with the technology—and that everything is set up and ready to go before launch.

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We're a partner to schools & districts

World-Class support

Our customer support team members, all formerly educator, are here for you: by email, phone, live chat, or video conference whenever you need help!

Safe & Secure

We take your trust very seriously and have invested a great deal to build the most reliable and secure platform for Special Education in schools.

Training & Onboarding

Our onboarding program and annual support sets every member of your staff team up for success. Learn More About PD here

More on our features

Real-time Data

Collect data on IEP goals, ABA programs, or Behaviors in real-time for 1 or more students simultaneously. Teachers and Specialists can watch live data collection sessions as they're being performed by support staff.

Role-based access

Built-in user roles and permissions to support teacher, aide/para support staff, BCBA, related providers, supervisors/case mangers, and administrators.

Flexible Scheduling

Plan data collection sessions for you or your staff, today or in the future. Our session planner supports recurring sessions and assigning sessions to other other staff.

Related Service Tracking

Track therapy service minutes, student attendance, therapy notes, and progress of service-related IEP goals (speech, behavioral, occupational, etc.).

Curriculum Quick Create

Create or upload aba programs from other software, google or word documents into educator, school, and district-wide libraries. Individualize program targets and assign to students with ease.

Integrated IEPs

Ability to integrate data from existing technology platforms like IEP systems (Frontline, EasyIEP, Realtime, SEIS, and many others)

Centralized Record Keeping

All critical student data (iep goals, aba programs, behavior plans, progress notes & raw data, graphs, reports, etc) are securely stored all in LiftEd for the entire student team to see across Special & General ed staff.

Reporting & Analytics

Progress graphs are auto-generated for goals, aba programs, and behaviors and easily editable or annotatable. Progress reports can be generated in 1-click for parent sharing!

School and district data reports that show progress for students and engagement for staff members.

Student Team Collaboration

Launching in Q12022 (student team discussion)

2-way Parent Communication

Share progress with parents using 2-way text messaging that supports automatic language translation (100+ languages). School team members communicate within LiftEd and parents receive messages via text, mobile web-app, or e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

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